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We are all the leaves of one tree

We are all the waves of one sea

- Thich Nhat Hanh

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Integrative Wellness Center

At One Tree, our focus is to assist you to achieve your best, healthiest self.  We are here to guide you on a path that creates a stronger, healthier body, mind, breath and spirit.  This path is individualized to exactly what you need using a spectrum of  modalities based on what your body needs to attain the best version of you possible.  If this is what you are seeking, we welcome you to take a deeper dive to find the answers you are looking for.  



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Unique Properties

Salt is a natural disinfectant with anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties


Potential relief from asthma, allergies, and sinus congestion


Halotherapy clears toxins, pollutants out of the sinuses and lungs effectively rejuvenating your lungs.


Himalayan salt crystals produce negative ions which help counter act positive ions which can cause irritability, nausea, depression, headaches creating a healthy body and an enlightened spirit.


Our salt cave is grounded and creates a deep relaxing state as the salt has a neutralizing effect on electromagnetic radiation


The human body will resonate with the natural vibration of Himalayan rock salt.  Improving your state of health after only a few sessions.

Our custom built salt cave is an amazing experience. With space for just one person, it allows you to drop into your personal happy place and receive the valuable benefits of halotherapy!  Come and try it out.


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Sound-Wave Infused Hydrotherapy

Revitalize, Recharge, and Reinvigorate yourself with Sound Infused Hydrotherapy!  Unlike Sound Deprivation Chambers, this unique experience surrounds you with energy allowing alignment.  Float in a 90° pool absorbing sound waves specifically tuned to 432 Hz. Studies have shown this therapy to be effective in relieving pain, anxiety, and stress.


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